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Our core beliefs


• Jesus Christ is the one true God and died for our sins.

• Love is the most needed thing in this world... Loving on others will keep your spirit at peace.

• Helping others is something that should be done in secret.  The glory should be God's only.

• Encouraging and empowering others is one of the greatest gifts you can give someone.

• We respect our veterans, law enforcement, first responders and will always stand for the flag.

• We believe that America is the greatest country in the world and offers an opportunity for prosperity and the power to bless others that are less fortunate here and abroad.

• We believe that being debt free should be your top priority.

• We believe that living a humble simple life that helps you build for retirement and allows you to spend your money on family, and life experiences that will last a lifetime is the best financial plan.

• We believe that every family should have at least four sources of income.

Thank God for Grace... we fall short everyday.

Our history...

We both graduated high school in the greatest decade... the 80's.  If you had to ask, you weren't there... :)

Brenda followed a career in insurance and eventually came on board as Vice President running our company's finances and business operations.  Truly the greatest blessing our company has ever had.  I became a firefighter/paramedic in 1984 for Jacksonville Fire and Rescue in Jacksonville, Florida retired as a Captain after 26 years.  During my career in firefighting we built our companies.  First was in 1997.  Later that year we also launched DualPolymer Car Care Products after developing a waterless one step cleaner, polisher and acrylic protective coating.  Both companies are still cranking along even through a pandemic (2020).    

Our direct sales experience started in 1990 with a company we have recently rejoined, Melaleuca.  In the 90's it was a company that focused on Tea Tree Oil and had about 6 products.  Now the company is one of the industries largest and most stable. Currently it has paid out over $6B in commissions to its marketing executives. 


During our journey we were blessed to be mentored by some of the most successful names in the industry and experienced extraordinary success in two companies MonaVie (Top 15) and Visalus (Top 50) both were billion dollar companies.  As we matured in the industry we realized that by focusing on our team's success you build a more stable and longer lasting business.  Our team members in MonaVie made over $12 million dollars during the time we were with MV.  In Visalus our team members made over $11 million dollars.  We discovered the secret to creating a successful direct sales team is... remain humble, celebrate success,  and love on your people.  We truly thank God for allowing us to help others realize that they can do anything they make up their minds to do.  Thousands of friends, friends of friends and people we never even met changed their lives by creating an additional income and sticking to the principles of staying humble and pay off your debt.   But, with as many people that were on our teams we could never repay them for the blessings of friendship, love and the adventures we all participated in, it was truly priceless.

Now, we are starting a new adventure after 8 years of retirement from the direct sales industry.

We could not be more excited to start running in this Life Long adventure with MonaVie.

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Thank you and God Bless you and your family!

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